Disinfection Service

Disinfection Service2020-03-21T13:44:08+08:00

Disinfection service is the application of disinfectant solution by acting quickly against a wide spectrum of microorganism. The disinfectant is tested and approved as disinfection service against covid-19 and other virus such as Hepatitis B, SARS, Herpes and H1N1. It is also effective against spores, mycobacteria, fungi and bacteria like Salmonella, E. Coli and Leptospira.

Why is it so important to do disinfection service? Surfaces may contribute to transmission of microbes like viruses. Viruses can be acquired from surfaces either from surface to touch and then to mouth or even directly from surface to mouth. Disinfection control by spraying or even wiping disinfectants have shown to interrupt transfer of these viruses to hands. As some viruses such as Hepatitis B can last on surfaces for up to 1 week, therefore transmission of virus from surface to human is highly possible.

How are we different from the other disinfection companies in the market? We are very particular on the disinfectant products that we use for service. Therefore, we are using a solution that is both certified by EPA and WHO against Covid-19 virus. The disinfectant we are using is suitable even for high-risk areas such as operating rooms of hospitals.

Due to the neutral solution of our disinfectant, it will not corrode or leave streaks or marks on the surface we are spraying, even on high gloss flooring.

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