EM Coat

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Using state-of-the-art spraying method, EM Coat is a very effective anti-microbial sanitization service. We provide disinfection service before applying our EM coat. The disinfectant is tested and approved for use against coronavirus and other virus such as Hepatitis B, SARS, Herpes and H1N1. It is also effective against spores, mycobacteria, fungi and bacteria like Salmonella, E. Coli and Leptospira.

EM Coat is the ideal indoor coating that kills bacteria, virus, fungi and spores. This technology is developed in Japan and uses natural-occurring mineral mainly extracted from sand and rocks. The active ingredient is safe for use in consumer products like cosmetics, paint, toothpaste and food production. The coating is in compliance with Green Building Index (GBI).

This is the perfect anti-bacteria coating for building. A professional will coat your walls, floors, ceilings, furnitures and any surface found in your premise using a special electrostatic sprayer to ensure that all hard-to-reach places are evenly coated. This method distinct ourself from conventional sanitization company where some of them still uses brushing and wiping method to coat. EM Coat will be actively fighting germs and bacteria with the presence of any form of light.

How are we different from the other coating companies in the market? Most of the coatings in the market contain silver nitrate content which the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has started to ban. It is found that silver nitrate will cause harms when ingested by human. Therefore, EM Coat is formulated without silver nitrate as we do not want to put our clients’ life at stake.

After coating with EM Coat, it is more like a worry-free coating where it will constantly work on its own to kill bacteria and reduce VOC in the spaces and each coating lasts for 1 year. It is highly recommended for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, pre-schools and education centres where infection control is of utmost importance.

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