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The Range of Sanitization Services

During this pandemic breakout, the best solution to keep your family and staffs safe is by disinfecting and sanitizing your home and workplace. Emerson Meridian is your perfect choice to do sanitization against Covid-19.

Disinfection Service
EM Coat

Sanitization refers to the process of reducing and removing virus, bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi and spores. How it works is our fully trained applicator will apply the disinfectant and coating on surface to kill bacteria and virus. Emerson Meridian is very particular on the sanitization products that we use. All of our products are fully test and certified by well known world bodies like World Health Organisation (WHO) and United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). First of all, clients have to ensure that cleaning has been done before calling in for disinfection and sanitization service as it will not bring out the best result if the environment is full with dust, debris or oil stains. Therefore, our infection control coordinator will usually assess the situation before proposing for either Disinfection Service or EM Coat service. After the sanitization service, bacteria count will drop significantly. However, we always advice our clients to do constant cleaning to keep the space a healthy and hygienic one.

Disinfection service for home and office is very important to ensure we do not contract any illness from the bacteria or virus, especially during this trying time of the pandemic Covid-19 infections. At Emerson Meridian, we have a few formulas for disinfection service where we will assess the situation and use accordingly. Our disinfection goes up to as high as 5000ppm where it is strongly advice for use at areas where there are confirmed cases of Covid-19.

EM Coat is a sanitization coating for interior of any buildings where it will constantly work to kill and decompose bacteria and fungi. This is a revolutionary formula as each coating of EM Coat, it will last for a good 12 months. In other words, you only need to pay once and you’re well protected for 365 days. Besides the anti-microbial features of this coating, EM Coat also possess deodorizing properties. EM Coat deodorize the area and removes VOCs in the room, effectively removing formaldehyde released from construction works, new furniture installation and wall paint. Formaldehyde is known as a toxic poison that is absorbed by inhalation and the worst that it can do is causing leukaemia in humans when constantly exposed to formaldehyde. Therefore, EM Coat is highly recommended for new home owners, pre-schools, clinics, hospitals, education centres and new office.

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